Two pigeons were lying on the walkway, fluttering in distress. He stopped his morning run to take a closer look. Both birds had got entangled in thread running through their wings & legs. One of them was trying to fly away, desperately hopping & flapping. But the thread had twined…

We have been losing our abilities to focus & retain attention for many centuries, points out Johann Hari in his book Stolen Focus. And, it is clear, we have become alarmingly distracted in the last few decades.

Why worry about losing our ability to pay attention? Because, by not being…

Average investors wage long frustrating battles to beat inflation and accumulate wealth. And they are the overwhelming majority.

What makes an AI?

Phase 1 — Falling for Ads

P2 — Falling for Fads

P3 — Falling for Fun

P4 — Falling for Experts

P5 — Falling for Ego

P6 —…

Someone got his 200th patent and joined an elite group of super inventors. The person at the top has 5000+ patents. 126 tigers died. July was hottest month globally ever recorded. A 90yr old man went into space. Someone climbed Everest for the 25th time. Indian courts heard 16.5mil cases…

Why, how, what, when, where & who


1. Exit the rat race to earn more. Because it’s never enough.

2. Consume less. Because thats enough.

3. Discard external benchmarks. Because they are not satisfying.

4. Experiment with amusements, fancies & obsessions. Because they are fulfilling.


5. Scale down lifestyle. Because that helps.

6. Explore other income streams. Because they come in handy.

7. Study past masters. Because they have done it before.

8. Prepare for a rollercoaster ride. Because it is inevitable.

9. Calibrate & course-correct. Because life is unpredictable.


10. Make a bucket list. Live life.

11. Keep learning. That’s the secret.

12. Boredom is fine. It helps.

13. Slow down. Enjoy the scenery.


14. Now is right. Later is foolish


15. Anywhere.


16. Everyone. Why not?

A clumsy attempt to emulate The Master — PG Wodehouse

Balu Gets Hitched (Almost)

The sunshine of a cool August morning fell graciously upon Bengaluru. In the broad tree-lined avenues of Indira Nagar, its pleasant warmth spread smiles & enthusiasm all around. It fell on cobblestone footpaths, quaint buildings &…

(Information, Knowledge, Wisdom, Ignorance, Action, Selective)

A. Fact

I ≠ K

K ≠ W

B. Perhaps

More Ig = More I

More I = More A

More A = More K

More K = More W

B. However

f(I) = x^I (exponential growth)

x^I ≠ y^K

y^K ≠ z^W

C. Maybe

Se I = Se K

Se K = Se W

D. Possibly

W = Ig

Warren Buffett advices to just buy a low-cost index fund. Investing cannot get simpler than this. It’s most easy, least stressful and provides satisfactory returns.

But, curious minds are restless. They like to explore, to know more, to earn more, or just for fun.

Charlie Munger advices to find a…

Philosophers pursue wisdom. Accounts of how they faced death should be interesting, even instructive.

As it turns out, many wise men die the usual way — often confused, a little scared, even wistful, with regrets etc. Some philosophers do die in extraordinary, even spectacular, ways. …


The unexamined life is not worth living

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